Southern California War Tax Resistance
Your Commander-In-Chief:    "I Pay as Little as Possible... I Hate the Way Our Government Spends Out Taxes."
General Government
$197 Billion
Gov't Personnel
Justice Dept.
State Dept. (partial)
Homeland Sec. (partial)
Other General
Physical Resources
$142 Billion
Gov't Personnel
Justice Dept.
State Dept. (partial)
Homeland Sec. (partial)
Other General
Current Military
$768 Billion
Military Personnel
Operation & Maint.
Research & Dev.
Family Housing
Revolving Management
Overseas Contingency Operations ("War on Terror")
Non-DoD Military Spending
Retiree Pay/Healthdcare
Nuke Weapons Cleanup
NASA (50%)
Internal Security Asst.
Homeland Security (Military)
State Dept. (partial)
FBI Military
Past Military
$589 Billion
Veterans Benefits
Interest on National Debt (partial)
Human Resources
$1,346 Billion
Health/Human Servicesd
Soc. Sec. Administration
Education Dept.
Food/Nutrition Programs
Housing & Urban Dev.
Labor Dept.
Earned Inc/Child Credits
Health Insurance Credits
Other Human Resources
Click Pie Chart Sections for Details:    Blue Segments for Civilian Spending.    Red Segments for Military Spending.
source: War Resisters League

The inauguration of Donald Trump has been met with some of the largest street protests in U.S. history. The executive order to close immigration to refugees and travelers from particular countries brought out more days of protest. Social media has been alive with calls to openly defy the Internal Revenue Service and redirect income tax dollars to those groups harmed by administration policies.
Many protesters are asking themselves how can they write checks for policies that they find abhorrent? With the tax filing deadline of April 18approaching, deliberate refusal to pay taxes may become a significant tactic to supplement the public protests, which show no signs of abating.
Tax refusal has a long history in the U.S., from the Boston Tea Party, to Thoreau’s refusal of the poll tax collected for the Mexican-American War, to widely practiced tax resistance during the Vietnam War. Refusal to pay taxes for war has been continually practiced since World War II, at times by only small groups of pacifists; at other times, such as before and since the invasion of Iraq, by thousands opposed to war.

Presidential campaigns magnify the cries for more military spending. Candidates ignore te facts and declare "the military has been gutted." They one-up each other on who will be the strongest comander-in-chief. he graph shows military spending at its highest levels since World War II despite recent declines. Look at what trillions of dollars and endless war have bought, ten pledge to take at least one action.
Who We Are
Southern California War Tax Resistance provides information and support for conscientious war tax resisters in the Los Angeles area in Southern California. In addition, we operate the People’s Life Fund — a local alternative fund for resisted war taxes — offer informational workshops, provide individual counseling, do public outreach and hold demonstrations. We welcome you to contact us if you are considering some form of war tax refusal and could use some assistance, or just have a question. If you are already a Southern California resister, we hope you will join us for mutual support and collective action. If you are not in a position to resist taxes, but would like to support those who do, we can always use your help! We look forward to working together for peace and justice.
Southern California War Tax Resistance is affiliated with the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee http://nwtrcc.org/

Southern California War Tax Resistance (SCWTR)
2436 Armstrong Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039
E-Mail: info@scwtr.net

The Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund
The Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund (SCWTAF) is made up of money not paid as taxes by people who have refused part or all of federal income and/or telephone excise taxes in opposition to payment for war and in an attempt to redirect spending towards peace and social needs. The Alternative Fund serves in the following ways: The Fund was founded in 1979. The Fund has granted over $100,000 to local and international projects and organizations.

ANNOUNCING Applications for Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund 2017 grants

Dear Friends of Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund,

President Trump is assembling a federal budget proposal with “sharp increases in Defense Department spending and drastic … cuts in domestic agencies”, with “reductions to the Environmental Protection Agency and State Department” this year. “Social safety net programs…would also be hard hit.” (NY Times 2/27/2017). Our movement to redirect refused taxes from war to peaceful purposes is especially appropriate at this moment. Please join us with a letter of support, a refundable deposit of refused war taxes to the fund, or a donation we may use directly in our granting this year.

The Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund will be awarding 2017 grants in April to coincide with expected Tax Day demonstrations. The Fund was established by Southern CAlifornia War Tax Resistance in 1979, and has granted over $56,000 since then to constructive local and worldwide social projects. Grants are usually several hundred dollars, and are generated from donations and interest earned by our Fund comprised of refused U.S. taxes.

Application instructions:

Applicants are to send the following to SCWTAF by email to info@scwtr.net or surface mail to: SCWTAF, c/o Cathy Deppe, 6330 Mecham Way, Los Angeles, CA. The APPLICATIONS DEADLINE is Monday, April 3, and applicants will be notified before April 15th. The following guidelines are requirements for the application:

  1. A statement requesting a grant from SCWTAF. Grants are made to activities and programs serving human and environmental needs, and programs working nonviolently towards these goals.
  2. A statement committing the organization to acknowledge a grant by letter or to participate in a presentation ceremony (grant recipients are not required to endorse war tax refusal). The Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund will be publicly awarding 2017 grants in April this year, to coincide with expected Tax Day protests on April 18th. We sincerely hope the organizations receiving grants will send a representative to accept the redirected tax money.
  3. A brochure or one-page description of the organization’s activities.
  4. Contact information for two reference people familiar with the organization’s work.
  5. Submit no later than close of day, April 3, 2017.

For more about the Fund or War Tax Resistance, or to make a deposit or donation, please visit the SCWTR website, http://scwtr.net/. or contact Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund at the address above or (323)-299-0737 (Cathy); 323-660-4992 (Joe).